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Cold Extraction & Ultra filtration

Innovative galenic formats

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Our technology offers the following guarantees:

  • The active substance, liquid or solid is encapsulated in a protective coating, then liberated in a controlled manner to the client's specifications
  • High retention of active ingredients > 75%. The encapsulation matrix represents only 25% of the total weight of the micro-capsule

- Maximum protection of active ingredients against:

    • Oxidation
    • Hygroscopy
    • Interactions with any compounds
    • Light
    • Acidity & alkalinity
    • Evaporation
  • Flavor and odor masking
  • Continued and controlled release
  • Increased stability
  • Coloration and aromatisation of encapsulation matrix
  • Possible transformation of liquid into solid
  • Choice of release method
  • Easy use
  • Granulation 50microns to 3 mm
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